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Is your Water SAFE??

Is your Water SAFE??


  "Is my tap water safe to drink?"

Lets take a look at what the EPA defines "safe water" in terms of acceptable risks:

  • 1:10,000 infections per person per year
  • 1:1,000,000 cases of cancer per person/lifetime

With waterborne pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites) existing in the water supply, chlorine is the most common disinfectant to help kill these pathogens to prevent waterborne infections.

As water sits in tanks, distribution pipes, and plumbing in your own home waterborne organisms are indigenous to water and will always be present where moisture exists meaning your water is not sterile. 

Over a 35 year time frame (1971-2006) the CDC has logged around 800 outbreaks and half a million illness cases through out the United States. 

Now that our pipes are getting older and junk building up in our pipes, Legionella outbreaks have been more common which causes legionnaires disease that starts out with flu like symptoms and can be very deadly in the elderly population with high mortality rate. It also causes an illness called Pontiac fever which is a flu like illness as well. 

The CDC misses a lot of disease that happens even though it does not show up in the outbreak data base. By drinking water, 32% of it has viruses and 27% has Cryptosporidium so you're going to get sick. But how often do you actually go to the doctor for it? Most common symptom is diarrhea and unless it's frequent, most people don't get checked by a medical doctor. 

In the United Stated alone 19 million cases are reported a year and the CDC recognizes there are million of cases of waterborne cases that are happening that aren't being recorded.

Data also shows that farming is responsible for the majority of source water contaminations (eroded sediment, fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, animal wastes).

Climate change and events also has much to do with over flows of sewage which then causes cross contamination. 

Just looking at water contamination concerns and treatments not as effective with distribution system is just full of problems. The tap water is not safe to drink and using a whole home filter with The Best Hydrogen Water is a Must in every house hold.  



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