Why is it that in the US we have such an abundance of hormone related issues and in America over two thirds of the population is now overweight and more than 30% suffering from obesity.  This epidemic is out of control and is a direct reflection of toxicity.


Every day we are exposed to toxic chemicals, from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink.  Beyond this our food is laden with chemicals in the form of pesticides, processing agents, antibiotics and many other artificial ingredients. The average person eating a typical diet of conveniently grown fruits and vegetables consumes an average of one gallon of neurotoxic pesticides and herbicides each year.  -Cide in Latin means “DEATH!” Pesticides are neurotoxic, meaning they attack the nervous system making the muscles over stimulated, which leads to paralysis and death. Some of the possible side effects from consuming pesticides in humans are cancer and hormone complications.  Agriculture pesticides have been linked to blocking testosterone and other male hormones (which are essential for healthy reproduction), infertility and sterility, brain damage, birth defects and respiratory disorders.


Our bodies have an amazing ability to detoxify and is equipped with powerful detoxification and cleansing systems in the liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys.  The liver is the primary detoxification organ, metabolizing thousands of different chemicals we are exposed to every day.  Much of what we eat passes through the liver, as the liver breaks down the nutrients, it also metabolizes toxic substances.  In some cases the toxins are cleared from the blood and eliminated in the bile or urine, but in other cases it can be stored in fat. The body will store these impurities in body tissues like fat.  As a result the fat cells enlarge and because of the additional fat, the toxins are solubilized with the fat.  At that point the toxins and poisons are not harmful to other organs in your body as they become encapsulated in fat.  Our fat does everything it can to remain, so the toxins are not released into the rest of your body.


Our immune system is incapable of dealing with so many chemicals. The latest evidence suggests that toxins disrupt metabolism.  When the body does not metabolize effectively this can lead to being over-weight or obese.  This is a result of our body trying to keep us alive and, toxins away from internal organs as a result our body will store more and more body fat making us more overweight than ever.

Be Healthy ~ Be Happy ~ Be Free