Good morning and welcome to a healthy spring morning.  I love to write about health and the body because success always starts with our bodies and minds.  If we are feeling groggy and have a lack of motivation, we always need to check our diet and exercise routines first before we start thinking there is something else wrong with us.  Health, Happiness and Freedom all go hand in hand.

The other day I was consulting a client who expressed to me that she had been on every diet program out there and nothing had worked for her. So I began asking her exactly what types of programs she had tried in the past and what her results were.  She always told me the same thing, at first she was losing weight and then for some reason they would all stop working and her body would not lose weight. She told me story after story of how she exercises all the time and no matter what she does she cannot lose the weight. I said to her, “So why do you think your body cannot lose weight?”  She said she had no idea but she did not think what I had to offer could create the results she was looking for.  I then asked her how committed she was with her other programs to get the results.  That is when she spilled the beans…, “WELL, I did not follow them very strictly”…. How would you expect to get results if you do not follow the program?

I have found that many times people hide in their bodies and are not ready for change even though their health is declining.  No matter what their commitment level to make a change it is not strong enough.  People unfortunately make up excuses for procrastinating and sometimes they will get attention from others by doing this.  In some cases they do have issues like stress and hormonal problems, but be honest with yourself when it comes to what you’re putting in your body.  If you have to create a food log and write down everything you eat for a week then do it!  You may not even be aware of the extra food you are consuming.

I recently went to an event with a client and she found herself with a plate going through the dessert line eating cookies and pastries and I asked her what she was doing and she said “Oh my gosh I did not even realize what I was doing.”  She has been conditioned for so many years to eat at every party or get together even though she was not hungry.  She had made the commitment to no longer eat garbage food but it was in her subconscious mind and she was conditioned to eat.  If this is you then grab an accountability partner until you retrain your brain to let go of old habits that no longer serve you.  

Food can also be a way of stuffing your feelings for some people. Certain foods like carbohydrates actually help produce chemicals in your body called serotonin that actually make you feel good. For example, maybe you had a stressed day at work and instead of a salad you go for a pizza and ice cream?  This can be a direct reflection of how your emotions controlled your food choices as those carbohydrates are a way for your body to balance chemically to make you feel good. The same principle happens if you notice yourself sad by a recent break up or another saddening event.  All the sudden there you are, at the fridge when you’re not hungry. My goal for you is to start being aware of why you do what you do so you can address the cause that creates the event that created your weight and lack of energy issues. There are so many nutritional products on the market that deals with stress and bringing your body to balance.  I share some of the health products I use consistently on my site in the Health Products section because your health is your wealth.  

Without a consistently clean diet and method to maintain that, one will always struggle with lack of energy, motivation, and confidence to achieve what they want in life.

Enjoy you day and Be Healthy ~ Be Happy ~ Be Free