How To Grow A Successful Kangen Business

The first thing to do when starting this business is forget about being an employee and adopt an entrepreneur mindset where you're not getting paid for your time, you're getting paid for results. 

When you're an entrepreneur you have to come up with things to do and a schedule is going to be your lifeline.

Key things you want to put in your schedule: 

  • Mindset ( meditation, affirmations )
  • Goal Setting ( journal, calendar )
  • Time to Prospect ( during lunch breaks are best )
  • Work on Social Media Content ( recording, content creating, posting )
  • Follow up with leads 

Schedule according to your hours dedicated to your business every week.

Adopting a schedule will keep you more accountable and you'll know where it is that you're going in business instead of having an employee mindset where someone is telling you what to do every single day.

Success with anything is going to take time and unfortunately in this type of business people will come in and won't have results in their first 30 days then get discouraged and think about going back to their job.

Here's what you have to know, it takes at least 1-3 months to get the knowledge and get your belief up. Belief in the product, business, and yourself that you can actually do this.

What's going to help build your belief? Go online and Google "Kangen Water Certifications". Look at all the WQA, NSF, and Medical certifications they have. That will help you realize this company is 46 years old. We're in hospitals all around the world. Once you understand there's so much credibility that's going to build your belief within the product especially when you start sharing the water and start seeing so many peoples life changing. 

You also have to realize you have to believe in yourself. The truth is anybody can be successful in the business by staying focused and staying on course and learn the skills. 

We've all heard "the stories that sell the facts the tell". You have to get really good at telling your story. A good story has three components. First, where were you before Kangen Water? Second, what happened to you when you started drinking Kangen Water? Third, where are you going and what are you going to do to get people involved drinking the water. All in thirty seconds and ending it with "by the way, what type of water do you drink?" to find out why they would like this water. Practice, drill, and rehearse. The more you tell your story the better you'll get. 

Now you have to get good at your demo and inviting to see your demo so they actually watch it. First, find out why they want our product. You have to find out their pain and the reason to want to take action. It could be their health or may need more income in their life. Once you establish why they would want to attend your presentation, now there's a reason to want to actually show up.

Avoiding certain words when inviting someone is also very important. Avoid using the word "should" and replace it with "deserve". "You deserve to come see this amazing presentation, it's going to change your life". Also, when you have someone bring something to a demo they're more incline to actually show up. If you ask them to bring the cups or a sample of their own water, they're going to go because they feel obligated to be accountable. 

Now that they're trying the water or have watched your demo it's time to start the trial closing questions. This is where the objections come in. Objections are just well planned lies, stalls, and roadblocks so they don't have to tell you they don't have the money or there's not enough value. 

What is a trial closing question? That is a question you ask to find out where your client is in the buying process. Here's an example: "Im so glad you're getting so many benefits have you thought about owning one of these units?" or "have you through about having one of these on your counter top?" or "have you thought about having this water in your body for the rest of your life?". This is when they yes BUT we don't have the money for it or don't have the credit it finance it. 

Here's a rule, when overcoming any objection don't get offensive and instead agree with them. You're going to say "I understand exactly where you're coming from I used to think it was expensive too". Now when you agree it allows you to open up on it because they're listening to you since you're agreeing with them which then allows you to overcome the objections. That's where you say "and then I found out just how much I was already spending in bottled water". Overcoming objections is a skill and once you learn to overcome them the next step is the paper work and closing the deal. 

Be sure to have the paper work, order forms, and pens ready to go because if you have to leave your client at anytime by the time you get back they could just leave say they'll come back the next day or just going to wait. Always be prepared for the paper work. 

Have the mindset that everyone is going to buy a unit and be very confident the way you come across with them so they feel comfortable with the purchase. 

If for some reason they do not purchase on the spot and you have to follow up the best time to follow up is right away. Send them a personal video of yourself saying how awesome it was seeing them and how excited you are for them drinking the water. Look through their social media platforms and become genuinely interested in them and that will help you connect with them in a deeper level. That is part of the follow up process. It typically takes five to eight exposures to get someone happily involved. The sad fact is most sales people only follow up to the second time so keep going through the cycles of building value and make friends/business partners. 

Now you have to have a system to duplicate yourself and your efforts. If you don't have a system they're going to fall out. Feel free to use one of my systems so you have time to spend with many other people as well. 

There's something unique and special about events. When people attend events they see other people doing what they want to do and they're just average people so it raises their belief that they can do it too. Second, it builds the belief in the product from seeing other peoples testimony about what happened when they started drinking the water. So build up to an event and begin the invitation process. 

I hope these tips help you in your Kangen Water business. If you want coaching or a system they are available on my website. Or have not purchased a unit and need someone to purchase one from, feel free to reach out to me and I'll be happy to help you get involved.

Be Healthy ~ Be Happy ~ Be Free