Intermittent fasting & Hydrogen Water

Diets don’t work we all know that and the fact is no one wants do go on a diet.  Did you know that here in the U.S more than two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese; because of this epidemic problem it puts these folks at higher risk for heart disease and type two diabetes. The estimated medical cost of obesity in the U.S reached over 147 billion in 2008.  Houston I think we have a problem….

Is there a solution to this health crisis? I believe so and it’s not dieting as study after study show that once you lower calories for an extended period of time the body’s metabolism (the rate at which we burn calories becomes lower and soon you will start to regain the weight that was lost). Leaving you feeling deprived, unhappy and even more overweight than before you started your diet.

Dieting also does not address blood sugar levels as we know when insulin is created.   It is a fat storing hormone and all of the sugar from the carbohydrates leaves you feeling hungry because of the dips and spikes in blood sugar making it harder and harder to stick to your diet until one day you cannot take it any longer and find yourself at the drive thru at your favorite fast food joint ordering everything on the menu. Does this sound familiar?

Now I invite you to open your mind and give Intermittent or fasting a good hard look.  This natural remedy cannot only give you fat loss but will encourage your body to go into health generating mode.  That being said there is a enormous fear around water fasting.  Many believe that their body may go into starvation mode, having to struggle with unrelenting hunger for days on end or catabolizing your own muscle tissue.  The truth is we have enormous amounts of research that supports fasting as a way to regain your health and is known as one of the best ways to slow down ageing.  This is especially true now that we have the Hydrogen H2 on the Go water. 

Here are just a few benefits of fasting

·      Autophagy, the cellular self-cleansing process that breaks down and recycles damaged cells and tissues in the body that do not need to be there. When you are in a fasted state. Your body is not busy breaking down food this means your body can actually go after the unhealthy cells and clean them up making you feel younger and healthier. 

Stem cell production- Fasting two to four days at a time every six months causes stem cells to awake from their normal dormant state, and start regenerating.

·      Weight loss becomes very easy

·      Insulin response improves lowering the risk for diabetes 

Growth hormone increases research found fasting raises HGH by 2,000 percent

Benefits of growth hormone

·      Builds and maintains muscle mass

·      Burns adipose tissue (burns fat)

·      Maximizes exercise capacity

·      Increases bone density

·      Enhanced immune system

·      Optimizes mood and well-being

·      Has power anti-aging abilities

Now that you know the many benefits of fasting and can see why you would want to add this regimen to your weekly monthly yearly or even daily health program lets explore water specifically Hydrogen water and its many benefits coupled up with fasting.

Water…. Not all water is going to give you the same benefit.

 One of the main reasons to fast is to cleanse your body rejuvenate your cells tissues and organs give your body a break from digestion so it can go to work boosting your immune systems and Lessing the toxic load from the body. 

 What if the water you are drinking is actually adding more toxicity to your body?  During your fast or in general we are all faced with the decision of the type of water we put in our bodies.  You hear distilled water, Reverse Osmosis water, and alkaline water, Spring Water etc.  What’s the scoop?  Lets look at what I call the gift of nature that is Hydrogen.

 What is Hydrogen and how can it be beneficial to us during a fast and anytime we consume water.

 Hydrogen or H2 is the smallest element in nature and is a powerful antioxidant.  Antioxidants are great for reducing oxidative stress caused by free radicals.  Free radicals are known to create accelerated aging, inflammation and can be linked to every known disease process. These free radicals come from our environment things like cell phones, microwaves, TV’s, radios, computers and the food we consume and the air we breathe.

 With now over 1000+ studies and articles on Hydrogen we now know it to be the simplest most powerful things we can do for our health to keep our bodies in the most optimal state so we can look and feel our best. Let’s break down what hydrogen can do.

 Hydrogen Natures Gift

 Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant where it will only fight the bad free radicals and leaves the beneficial free radicals that are necessary to our health and our body’s abilities to heal them selves.

 Unlike vitamins hydrogen can get to every cell and every tissue in the body as well as it will passes through the blood brain barrier eating up plaque in the brain that can go on to create Alzheimer’s and other brain issues like dementia and Parkinson’s.  

 Hydrogen will go anywhere it is needed unlike vitamins where they are site specific and only going where they are targeted to like vitamin C which is targeted to the immune system.  If you have a issue in your kidney or liver hydrogen is going to come to the rescue anywhere the body has a weakness. 

 Hydrogen is also known to be an anti-inflammatory agent lowering inflammation in the body.  People who have issues such as arthritis or colitis or any ittis are going to be greatly benefited.

 Our bodies receive energy from Hydrogen without calories. Hydrogen is transported to the mitochondria of the cells, which then uses the hydrogen to create ATP or energy.

 Hydrogen has the ability to up regulate our body’s own natural antioxidant called glutathione.  Glutathione is the precursor to all of the feel good brain chemicals such as gabba, serotonin and dopamine making us feel more balanced and happy especially as we age and in anyone with brain issues.

 Hydrogen hydrates you more.  The more toxic you are the more hydrated you will become because when hydrogen finds a free radical it turns it into water so you can excrete it out.  This will cleans your body and hydrating you at a deeper level. 

 Now that you know the benefits of Hydrogen Water you can add this to the regimen of fasting and to your every day life you will see it will be easier to have energy, lessen your hunger, clear out waste and protect your body for years to come so you can be happy, healthy and free.

 Give this fasting with Hydrogen water a try and let me know the results you experience