As a Mother of 2 young girls who runs multiple businesses, I am often asked how I do it all while staying devoted to fitness, health, and high productivity.  This is a great question because there is definitely a method to keeping the smile on my face day in and day out.


I feel one of the best tools is a good old fashioned calendar so that I can be organized in every aspect of my life. Each night before going to bed I make a list of all of the different things I am required to do during the next day.  Then I simply start with the projects that are most important going on my schedule 1st then filling in any blank times with less important but still required duties.  My day starts at 6am and this is “Me Time!”  I schedule 2 hours of me time each day before the kids wake.  This is time for me to exercise, to meditate and for journaling.  This is my most inspiring time in my day when I have no interruptions and I can really think.  This is a must to allow my creativity to flow.


I follow with a nice shower and some breakfast consisting of a simple whole food nutrient dense shake that is fast and easy to prepare for me and the kids. I schedule all calls after 10am, as it takes me about 2 hours for me and the kids to get completely ready for the day.


Around 10am is when I’m off to the office where Jayden and Leilani play together and keep themselves occupied with toys and other gadgets while I do follow up emails, conference calls, and Zoom meetings.  This typically lasts about 2 to 3 hours, then the girls and I break for lunch.  By this time the girls are ready for a nap.  While they are sleeping I have more time to connect with people or do other income producing activities. 


Around 3pm on my super busy afternoons I will have a friend or nanny take them to the park, a fun center or run them around town so I can have a few hours to get my errands done. In addition, four or five times out of the week I also do seminars on health that take up much of the evening.  Sometimes the girls come with me and other times they stay with a friend. 


When I arrive back home I cook the dinner I have planned for the evening and put the girls to bed.  Every dinner is planned out and shopped for on Sunday for the upcoming week.  This is huge to avoid temptations of eating out.  Now it’s time to reflect on the day and start planning for what the next day brings.  I love keeping this simple, but it does take some organization skills and discipline.  Keeping it simple allows the mind to want to complete it, rather than hide form it.   In no time you can juggle kids and work and have a balanced life.  Our family strives to take one day off a week were we enjoy each other’s company and rest, this is usually Sundays. 


Be Healthy ~ Be Happy ~ Be Free