Signs & Symptoms Of Dehydration

Do you or do you know of someone that retains a lot of water and was told to have "no salt" in their diet?

I have to tell you a story before we get into this topic first. I used to do body building. One time I depleted all my sodium and all my water. Then I decided to eat chicken strips with french fries and a whole bunch of ketchup which has a lot of sodium. Of course after that I got really thirsty and drank a lot of water. Within two days I gained twenty pounds of water because my body was holding on to all the salt and water. 

Here's the thing, your body has to have salt. When you deplete the salt out of the body, your body is going to hold water because it's trying to keep the salt in the body because your potassium and sodium are off. 

So then you say "what can I do? my doctor says I have high blood pressure". That means you have too much water in the blood. And now he tells you to go on low salt. What he's really meaning is LOW WHITE TABLE SALT which is bleached and not mined from certain areas with any of the minerals needed. Table salt contains sodium and it's made with chlorine as well that is very toxic for you.

In case your doctor tells you not to have sodium in your diet, he's attaining to that. There's good sodium and bad sodium. Himalayan Salt contains the right amount of sodium which we know contain high amounts of minerals your body actually needs. It contains 84 minerals your body requires due to your body being almost all water and salt. 

If you find yourself low on energy, having muscle spasms, or craving a lot of salt it could be because of stress. When your stressed your body craves salt. It needs that to help your bodies organs function properly. The table salt throws your potassium and sodium ratios off and starts to hold on to water and salt. 

If you do this properly and put the right things in your body like Himalayan salt and your drinking a lot of water, your body is going to retain the good minerals and then expel the bad things your body doesn't need. 

Back to my body building story, the next time I decided to do that to myself I never went without sodium. I depleted my water but up'd my salt because when you have enough that your body gets rid of extra water because it has enough salt in your system. 

One of the things I see when people come in for our water trial is they'll say " I dont know why but I'm retaining water". And I'll ask if they are taking in enough sodium and usually they mention their doctor said not to take in sodium. I then say "if I were you (I'm not a doctor) but I would increase my good sodium and increase my water consumption". 

You want to drink at least half an ounce per pound of body weight per day just to maintain your hydration. If you have something serious going on in your body or you're a sports athlete you can go up to one ounce per per pound of body weight per day. The only way you can die from too much water is if you deplete your sodium because your brain will retain too much water and quit functioning which can cause a seizure - that's why some people say to be careful you can drink too much water. It's not the water it's the salt that you're depleting. 

You have to make sure you're eating the adamant amounts of the right type of salt. If you're going up your water to one ounce per pound of body weight, make sure you're putting good salt in your body.

You can also find it on my website if you're wondering where you can find the amazing Himalayan Salt that has all the different minerals your body needs. All organic and very natural which will give you more energy and help with your thyroid as well.

I hope you take me up on that and if you're retaining water, salt can be your answer.

Be Healthy ~ Be Happy ~ Be Free