Fiber is the non-digestible part of a plants structure that our bodies cannot break down or absorb.  It passes through our bodies unchanged taking with it toxins, waste, fat and cholesterol.


One of the main health issues we face here in the USA is obesity and this is due to a diet low in fiber and healthy fats.  Our bodies are burdened by the accumulation of toxins (aka artificial sugar chemicals) and other unnatural products.  Fiber is one of the most beneficial substances that often get overlooked into today’s Standard American Diet, also known as SAD. 


Here are my top reasons why to not only add more fiber rich foods to your diet, but also supplement with one of my favorite products JUST LIKE SUGAR.


1.      Fiber aids in digestion and elimination of toxins.  Dr. Shinya MD expresses that your health begins in your gut and your ability to eliminate waste from your body.  Dr. Shinya is well known around the globe for his invention the polypectomies and he also developed the colonoscopy alongside Dr. Wolf.  Some types of fiber absorb water and become gelatinous. This fiber is fermented by bacteria in the digestive track enhancing over all gut health.   It also feeds the beneficial bacteria in your body to ensure a healthier immune system and overall better absorption of vitamins and minerals.


2.      Research shows there is an association between fiber and blood pressure as well as overall cholesterol and triglycerides.  Fiber has also been shown to lower the bad cholesterol.


3.      It makes you feel satisfied when eating, helping weight loss.   Fiber binds with fat and assists your body to break it down and remove it from your body.  Fiber in the gut also effects the secretion of hunger hormones in the gut making you feel full and less likely to overeat and indulge in snacking.


4.      With 40% of the US population now being overweight, adding fiber to your diet has the potential to control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. By slowing down the rate at which the stomach empties and helps slow down digestion and keeps blood sugar spikes to a minimal.


5.      Fiber helps you prevent diseases of the digestive tract.  A high fiber diet helps prevent disorders like diverticulitis, colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases because fiber helps improve immune function and maintains better colon and intestinal health.  Fiber is a prebiotic encouraging healthier gut bacterium and helps to clear away harmful waste from the digestive organs.



One of the easiest ways to get more fiber in your diet is to eat a whole food diet high in fruits and vegetables. Another great way is through a product called “Just Like Sugar” found here.  Simply sprinkle this all natural non-caloric safe sweetener on salad, oatmeal or even your water to add sweetness.  The main ingredient chicory root fiber.  You will love it just like I do. 


Be Healthy ~ Be Happy ~ Be Free