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HYDROGEN GAS ABSORPTION Hydrogen can be absorbed by the cells three different ways to gain maximum benefits
  • SKIN

HYDROGEN INHALATION 33% Oxygen 66% Hydrogen Concentration Breathing hydrogen gas allows you to intake large quantities of molecular hydrogen in a short amount of time Also provides a different avenue for hydrogen to enter into our cells for maximum results. Hydrogen gas inhalation can be more effective for elderly, people with kidney disorders, or anyone who may have a hard time drinking large quantities of water and/or getting up to use the restroom multiple times a day Hydrogen gas inhalation is proven in studies that it does a superior job of delivering molecular hydrogen to the circulatory system and yields higher concentrations of molecular hydrogen in organ and tissues than drinking hydrogen water alone It also appears to be very effective for acute disorders, injuries, or diseases such as cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack or traumatic brain injuries

MAXIMUM RESULTS FROM HYDROGEN GAS Use inhalation alone or in combination with other hydrogen therapies Can be used for 30 minutes up to 8 hours a day, you cannot overdose on too much hydrogen Use deep breathing technique when inhaling hydrogen for maximum saturation