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  • Qi Home Cell (EMF blocker for home) on kitchen countertop

    From cellphones, laptops, and tablets to televisions, Bluetooth® headphones, and the Google Home™ or Alexa™ on your countertop, our lives are becoming increasingly digital. Although devices have helped simplify our lives, using digital devices every day is having a negative effect on our health.

    Consistently achieving and maintaining good health is a goal that often seems hard to reach. Despite watching your diet, maintaining good hydration, exercising often, and getting sufficient sleep, sometimes it can still seem like you are not reaching optimal health. If this sounds like you, you may be experiencing electromagnetic hypersensitivity. This condition often includes symptoms such as insomnia, frequent headaches, an inability to concentrate, reduced energy, and more. As a result, you try taking pain relievers or melatonin, or start drinking more coffee or energy drinks, and before you know it, your health begins to decline even more — all without solving the original issues.

    Protect Yourself From The Negative Effects of EMFs
    Are you ready to stop spending time and money on products that treat the symptoms and not the root cause? If you are ready to start treating the root cause, look no further than a Qi Device™. Qi Devices™ are designed to reduce your electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure and the symptoms of EMF hypersensitivity. In doing so, Qi Devices™ can help bring the life-changing results you’re looking for to achieve optimal health.

    What are EMFs? Simply put, EMFs are energy waves in the air that are a type of low-level radiation. Because of the number of electronic devices that surround us, we are all exposed to them for nearly every minute of every day. While some people may not notice any effects from EMF exposure, studies show that a significant number of people experience a variety of symptoms that disrupt their quality of life. Even if your symptoms are not as severe as others, you may be affected by EMFs more than you realize.

    How the Qi Devices™ Work
    Qi Devices™ help reduce your exposure to EMF radiation by creating a field of protection. This protection field is created using the vials of the proprietary Qi Solution™.* Once activated,the Qi Solution™ depolarizes and reduces EMF exposure, acting as a protective barrier between you and the EMF waves. By utilizing free electrons to depolarize the electromagnetic frequencies, the Qi Device™ stops the harmful frequencies from entering your body, thus rendering them biologically safe and reducing your symptoms of EMF hypersensitivity.

    Qi Devices™ are the only devices proven to reduce EMF exposure and make it biologically safe when tested across frequencies that represent 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G wavelengths. That means that Qi Devices™ can protect you from anything that emits EMFs, including the cellphone towers down the block, the smart appliances that fill your home, your Wi-Fi router, or the Bluetooth® headphones you wear.

    Qi Devices™ are able to reduce electromagnetic frequencies without interfering with your Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. This means that you can continue to use your electronic devices as normal but without the harmful side effects. With the option to protect yourself at home, at the office, and on the go, Qi Devices™ provide a safer environment for your entire family.

  • Ladies on a tablet with Qi Home Cell (EMF blocker for home) on table behind them

    If your goal is to protect your home from EMFs, look no further! The Qi Home Cell™ is one of the best home EMF protection solutions for your and your loved ones.

    Home EMF Protection
    Protect your entire home and family from the harmful effects of EMF radiation with the Qi Home Cell™. This large, stationary Qi Device™ generates a protective area with a radius of 25 feet (50 by 50 feet) horizontally, and 16 up and 16 feet down.

    The Qi Home Cell™ is designed to protect against 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G radiation for individuals within its protective field without interfering with your cellular or Wi-Fi reception. This powerful device protects against all types of EMF radiation, including that which comes from all of the cellphones, laptops, TVs, Bluetooth® devices, and other electronic devices within your home. With such high levels of protection, the Qi Home Cell™ allows you and your family to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

    How It Works
    The Qi Home Cell™, which uses Waveguard Technology, depolarizes EMF radiation around you, ultimately reducing your exposure and the side effects you may experience as a result. This technology is unique to Qi Devices™. Other brands try to harmonize with EMF waves instead of reducing them. Qi Devices™ have been shown in both technical and biological studies to effectively reduce both EMF exposure and its side effects. Those who use Qi Devices™ have reported a reduction in EMF hypersensitivity, namely a reduction in symptoms such as frequent headaches, impaired sleep, and lack of concentration. Over time, we have proven that Qi Devices™ can help protect reproductive organs, support proper wound healing, and reduce the negative effects of EMF exposure.

    How to Use
    The Qi Home Cell™ functions on natural laws and does not require any power to be “on.” It creates its own electricity. The most efficient place to set up the Qi Home Cell™ is at a central location in the building you wish to protect. To deactivate or “turn off” the Qi Home Cell™, simply put it on its side.

    You can enjoy the full benefits of EMF protection from the Qi Home Cell™ within 24 hours of setting it up in your home or commercial space. Most electrosensitive users experience a noticeable change within 48 to 72 hours as their bodies adjust to the absence of EMFs and the increase of electrons.

    Complete EMF Protection in Large Spaces
    The Qi Home Cell™ is the ideal product for most average-sized homes. It is also great for protecting spaces such as apartments, condos and townhomes, yoga or dance studios, restaurants, stores, doctor offices, and small office buildings. With its large protective area, the Qi Home Cell™ can help protect you and others from harmful EMF radiation emitted from cellphones, Wi-Fi, wiring within the building, electromagnetic smog, and more.

    Product Lifetime
    The Qi Home Cell™ has a lifetime of eight years. The Qi Solution™ in your device is activated prior to shipping. This means that the life span of your Qi Device™ begins approximately four weeks prior to you receiving it.

  • Woman on cell phone with Qi Home Cell (EMF blocker for home) in the background

    At AB FIT, we want to give you the health advantages you need to live your best life. To do that, we are committed to providing you and your family with a variety of products to empower you to live your healthiest life. This mission is what started the creation of our Qi Devices™.

    The discovery of the harmful effects of EMF exposure is still fairly recent, but when we learned just how often we are exposed to EMF radiation and the negative effects they can have on your health, we knew we needed to do something. After careful research, we knew that Qi Devices™ were exactly what our customers needed. With advanced Waveguard Technology, Qi Devices™ are the only scientifically proven products to depolarize EMF wavelengths and reduce the harmful effects of EMF exposure.

    Although Qi Devices™ provided breakthrough protection against EMFs, we knew that we needed a way to help protect our customers in their own homes. We are constantly surrounded by EMF-emitting devices, such as cellphones, televisions, microwaves, nearby cellular towers and power plants, and even hair dryers and electric toothbrushes. That’s why we created the Qi Home Cell™.

    This large, stationary device is designed specifically to protect your home and everyone in it from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. By creating a larger protection area, the Qi Home Cell™ allows you to enjoy your time at home without experiencing the effects of EMF hypersensitivity, giving you greater peace of mind and a healthier way of living.

    *The vials of Qi Solution™ inside each Qi Device™ are fragile. Please take care not to drop the Qi Device™, as this could break the vials and the device.