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About Me

My story is hard to believe unless you knew me 8 years ago.  There were some very tough days, years, and months of my life.


Have you ever wondered why the US is one of the sickest countries but yet we spend over 2.7 trillion dollars a year in health related costs as a country? Or why we as a population are also one of the most obese countries in the world?  Not only are we one of the sickest and our healthcare one of the highest costing, but we are also completely unaware why this is happening.


When we were growing up we never had a study guide that taught us how to live a healthy life. Maybe you did, but I sure didn’t.  Our doctors never explained the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Why is this?


I spent eight grueling years in pain and fed up with my life.  Constantly wondering what’s wrong with me, what’s next and why does everyone around me seem to have health issues as well? 


It began with wanting to lose a few pounds in my early twenties and this turned into one big nightmare I couldn’t get out of.  My mother always told me to stay away from anything DIET...as the word itself doesn’t even sound pleasant.  But what did she know; she has always been the thin one who never had to watch her weight.


At the beginning of my journey I wasn’t really overweight, if anything a little on the thick side, but I soon became clinically obese.  It was after I wanted to try and lose the little weight I had that all of my issues began in a BIG way.  It started with the Atkins diet.  The carbohydrates are making us fat and I was told to cut out the sugar.  I remember it like it was yesterday staring at the big omelet loaded with bacon. Definitely no vegetables, those things had way too many carbs.   I would use creamer in my coffee and of course (the star of the show) ARTIFICAL SWEETENERS aka…Splenda (sucralose), Equal (Aspartame), and Sweet ‘N Low (Saccharin) the little pink packet and the list goes on.  I would actually hide the packets from my mother when she would visit.  My diet soda was kept in the garage just in case she opened the fridge.  If she would have seen the diet soda she would have scolded me.  I also incorporated a sugar-free gum addiction into my life.  My hunger suddenly became a strong burning sensation in my stomach and pushed me to the point where I needed to eat something or I became extremely irritable.  I turned to chewing gum or drinking carbonated diet drinks to curb this feeling.


When my weight started increasing I started questioning the diet program I was on.   I would then switch diets, NEXT!  On to the next Weight Watchers diet, South Beach diet, Mediterranean diet, Vegan diet, the no dairy diet, Slim Fast diet, the don’t eat after lunch diet, you name it and I tried it! One thing always stayed the same; I always kept my diet products with me and never let myself run out of sugar-free gum, diet soda or my little pink and yellow packets.   I literally carried the artificial sweeteners with me when dining out, sprinkling them into tea and on top of my salads.  I really thought it was helping me stick to my program.   I felt so deprived; they were the only things I felt were helping me get though my day. 


The scale wouldn’t move down, it slowly crept up every time I looked.   It was time to try some diet pills.  I started with the local GNC brand diet pill and then moved on to more stimulating products to help with my lack of energy and horrific brain fog. I thought the lack of energy and fog was due to a lack of calories, but I was terrified to eat food.  Every time I ate I felt as if I would end up gaining more weight.  I couldn’t sleep at night with the diet pills pumping through my veins, but I needed them.  I had to find a way to sleep without cutting them out. That’s when I found Tylenol PM to knock me out.  This later became a prescription to Ambien.  At times my heart would actually hurt; it felt like I was having a mini heart attack due to the stimulants making my heart race.  What was I supposed to do to get out of this? I felt hopeless and out of answers.  It felt like there was no point anymore.


After more months of feeling hopeless, I had the revelation that maybe I was not losing weight because I was not going to the bathroom regularly.  Sometimes I would go a week without going.  The pain in my stomach had to be because I had so much backed up waste in my body and it was pushing against my organs.  I reached out and made an appointment with a gastroenterologist and had my first colonoscopy at the young age of 22.  The doctor told me not to be concerned and that I was only constipated.  He gave me stool softeners and told me to drink more water.  I could do that!  I remember buying the sugar-free red Kool-Aid that I could mix my water with. 


I continued on waking up and looking in the mirror, wondering how thin people get and stay thin.   My pants were tight and uncomfortable!   It must be the sodium in my diet and I’m just retaining water.  Quick, cut out all salt!  I went on and on like this, searching for anything that could be the answer.


It was the horrific cramps and PMS that brought me in to see the doctor again.  I was experiencing those symptoms, even though I hadn’t menstruated in over 5 years.  It was at this time that I had several doctors.  I could never get the answers I wanted or needed for my symptoms or my diet, so I jumped around and kept switching doctors, becoming the “mystery patient.”  They would draw blood, run tests and all those medical bills starting adding up.  Here we go again, another cream or pill!  I was going nuts and my hair even started falling out.


Nothing was working.  I ended up stopping everything and gave up on dieting all together.  I gained weight, starting slipping into depression, my mind and heart was in pain and I was completely lost?  I stopped looking at the scale.  I was a toxic tragedy!   


Can you relate to any of these issues?  Well, if you have, then you’re not alone.  Maybe you haven’t felt or gone as low as I have, but you connect with me in a very specific area of my story.  Or maybe you have gone down further than I and you have already given up.  Either way, I want you to know there is a simple answer. Thank goodness for my grandpa and his stubbornness to not want anything to do with health.  What?  There is a medical device from Japan that makes water healthier?  It cost $4000 and my grandpa bought this?  No way!  I had to see this device.   My grandpa never buys anything for his health, so this device must be something that holds a tremendous value.


My life changed that day.  I took one drink of this water and I knew something was different.  I wanted to know what it was, how did it just energize me and why do I feel 5 lbs. lighter in just one bathroom trip?  This has to be too good to be true, right?  I had to research this so-called health device.  I immediately started wondering where this device had been and why none of my doctors ever suggested it to me.  I thought I better call them and let them all know I found something that is making me feel better? 


Many of the doctors had never heard of it, except for one who apparently tried it on some of his clients, but I found out later he actually went with a cheap phony device that was a knock-off of the water I was drinking.  These knock-off devices aren’t built in the same way and did not give the same type of water or the result I was experiencing.   I was completely shocked by many of the doctors’ reactions, with their lack of care and support on how I was gaining more energy and losing the weight that I struggled so desperately with over the last few years.  One doctor in particular was furious that I went off my diabetic medicine that he swore I would need to be on for the rest of my life.


Have you ever heard of detox?  Well I had, but my ideas of detoxing were to drink weird concoctions and not eat for weeks.  This was definitely not something that I would look forward to.  Come to find out, detoxing is what the medical water was already doing for me.  It was flushing out years of toxic sewage that had built up in my body, due to all the different diet products, pills and drugs I was consuming. 


These sweet toxic poisons were killing my body.  In fact, I truly believe if I had not found this water that I would not be here with us today.   If I kept going the way I was going, there would be no telling where my life and health would be.


Sweet poisons!   Yes, I now know these chemical poisons (artificial sweteners) were the root cause of my health issues, coupled with all the drugs I was on to cover up the symptoms.  I was flying in the danger zone!


You can’t believe it?  Well, you better stop and take a closer look because these sweeteners would have been the death of me.  Here is why.  Aspartame is in over 6,000 products and was first invented as an ulcer drug.  There are 92 symptoms linked to aspartame disease, but the main ones are weight gain, headaches, brain fog, gut issues, seizures, auto immune disease, cancer, chronic pain and inflammation water retention.  This is crazy and the list goes on and on.  I would say I had about half, if not more of the symptoms associated with aspartame disease.  Next is Splenda.  Splenda is made from chlorine, which kills bacteria.  Not just bacteria, but our body’s natural bacteria.  Oh, and chlorine is a carcinogen that was invented in world war one to kill people!  All along my mother was correct; these chemicals are deadly to us.  But why and how is it allowed in our food supply?  All I can say is, the power of the mighty dollar.  

Your mind might not know what to think and it may even be calling me a liar, but I urge you to check out the book Sweet Poisons.  This is a must read.  Once you know what I know about our food supply and how our health in the US is run by pharmaceutical companies and Monsanto, you will be as shocked and disgusted as I was.  Don’t just take my word for it, read the studies on your own.  To give you a quick sample, there are studies that show mice which were fed aspartame and they developed big tumors all over their bodies, which were cut out and returned to the studies.  There is also a study that showed their brains with holes in it after being exposed to these chemicals, along with brain seizures.


I became really interested in this subject after reading the book Killing Cancer Not People.  I reached out to the author Bob Wright and interviewed him on the topic of cancer and toxicity.  My mind was blown even further!  I had a very strong desire to get educated about toxins and proper nutrition so I kept seeking out these professionals in the health industry that weren’t controlled by political bias.  This is how I got connected with the founder of the Core Health products Shan Stratton.  Shan is a highly respected sports nutritionist to sports teams such as the Red Socks, Dodgers and many other professional sports teams.  Shan is an expert in enzymes, which is one major thing lacking from our processed food supply today, thanks to all the over-farming, chemicals and cooking our food to death. 


So, what is the solution to a happy healthy body?


Feed the body with high enzyme nutrition, drink the correct water, stay away from toxins like artificial sweeteners, exercise at least 30 min a day and your body will begin to heal itself as it is designed to do with the proper nutrition, hydration and movement. 


There you have it, your guide to being happy healthy and free from pain.  It really is that simple.


The fuel that drives me more than anything else is getting this information out there for the ones who need it.  Most are suffering and they don’t know why.  It’s not hard to live a life free from sickness; it does take education and commitment.  I’m here for you to help educate and guide you.  If I can become healthy after what I went through, so can you.  Everything on this site I truly believe in and has personally helped me on my pathway to exceptional health. 


Take a moment and subscribe to my page below, so that my lifelong mission can be passed down to you without you doing any of the work.  Just subscribe and stay connected with me. You will get instant access the "19 Reasons Why Diets Fail" Download and I will update you in my blogs with the most current and truthful information on health.  I want you to utilize this site as your one-stop shop for the health products to change your life and keep you on track with a proper diet, proper hydration and a solid mindset routine.

Be Healthy ~ Be Happy ~ Be Free

Amanda Bobbett