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Welcome to Yoga

Our mission at amandabobbett.com is to empower others to live healthier and happy lives through yoga. Yoga is an empowering mind-body practice. It integrates the mind, body and spirit with the goal to cultivate balance, calm, harmony, awareness, and acceptance. We learn to hold space for ourselves and others. Beyond the physical practice, yoga focuses on unwinding, undoing, relaxing, and letting go.

Class Description

This class offers a gentle approach for those who have muscle or joint pain, stiffness, weakness, fatigue or recovering from a major illness or simply want to improve their flexibility and strength. The class includes core work along with deep stretching, breathing exercises and therapeutic movements designed to increase range of motion without stressing joints. The class also works on increasing strength and improving over all balance. This class is for beginners who have never done yoga or for those who have not worked out in a long time and have chronic pain or issues with back, shoulders, neck or knees.