6A Sales System

6A Sales System

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Want results in your water business in record time? 




This six month program training system is for you if: 

  • Your brand new and don't want to waste time trying to figure it out on your own
  • Committed to achieving your dreams/goals
  • Motivated to get results
  • Not afraid of taking action or getting out of your comfort zone
  • Not afraid of success
  • You tried in the past with little to no results 

This six month program is not for you if:

  • You are not committed
  • Are Skeptical
  • Don't have 15-20 hr a week  
  • Are not willing to invest in your education
  • Not ready to take action

Time and time again I see so many distributors who purchased these incredible units so they can go into business and make a profit and help people. Only to not have the correct knowledge to acquire the needed skills to be a true professional and there for have little to no results. 

Then reaching out and wondering if this is for them after spending months and sometimes years trying to figure it out on their own leaving them feeling frustrated, unmotivated, and feeling like they are ready to quit because they are not getting the results they were excited for when they started this journey.   

My advice after 10 years and thousands of sales later...

You invested in a Water System if you want to learn how to run a business then you must invest your time and money to learn how to grow your business otherwise it's going to be a hobby and will pay you what a hobby is worth.

This program will save you time, energy, and money and get you results GUARANTEED or your MONEY BACK. 


With this program you will get:

Laptop lifestyle Master Course (As seen on CNN, NBC and FOX television) 

This training system will get your business up and going online without spending thousands of dollars on facebook adds that don't work or purchasing thousands of dollars of fancy video or computer equipment to get your business excelling on line.  This program alone has a value of over $997.00 

Detailed overview found by clicking the link below:



Want to learn the skills of how to have endless leads and never run out of interested prospects?

Or perhaps its the five common objections that are holding you back from closing more sales. 

From beginner to advanced this program has everything laid out for you to insure you get to your goals. 


Detailed overview found here:



(Video/Audio) New Year New You:

Watch and follow along as I coach 30 students from Zero Skills and No Sales to closing multiple sales in as little as one month for this 6 month on going weekly training. Although you will not get the hand holding experience, you will get to view and implement these strategies to reach your goals with less effort and time with me standing over your shoulders.   

Detailed overview found here:



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Still have questions please contact support@amandabobbett.com or call 205-509-9352.



Listen to the results coming from the program!