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Day Pass


Here at Healthy Hydration Home Services we want to spoil your body and show you how it feels to feel good. 


Stress effects our body in many different ways, in fact stress has been shown to be the leading cause in every disease.  This is why we have a unique center were we focus on helping your body out of stress, from emotional stress,  physical stress and traumas, as well as environmental stress that comes from our toxic environment. 


As your body though the different therapies you will start to notice your body becoming more and more relaxed and letting go of stress and tension that accumulates over time causing the body to become out of balance. 


We have found one Day pass can do wonders, However if you can commit to 3 or more sessions a week your body will be stress free in no time allowing you to feel energized, less pain & inflammation, and enjoying the joy back into your life!


Inclusive Day Pass includes unlimited use of all our in store services.

These services include:

Sound Frequency Machine- One of our most popular therapies in just one session you will be able to burn up to 240 calories in just 10 min this helps to release extra body fat and toxins that build up from years as well as let go of tight muscles.  You will also notice a calm feeling after the sound penetrates every cell of your body raising the vibrational energy to put your cells in the correct vibration to heal.  


Red Light Therapy-  Also known as a healing light as well as a light that can help you to release stubborn body fat.  With over 1,200 studies from skin health to lowing inflammation and pain our clients absolutely love our red bed therapy


BrainTap, Hydrogen Oxygen Therapy, and Massage Chair, and of course our signature water The Best Hydrogen Water.