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Whole Home Complete Bundle Pack💦


Our Elite Whole Home System utilizes a Bluetooth valve and offers some of the most flexible functions and monitoring available.

5 Levels of Filtration For Pure, Pristine Water

Level 1: Granular Activated Carbon  

This NSF Certified acid-washed GAC removes chlorine, gases, heavy metals, odors, tastes, dyes, fuels, pollutants, disinfectants, pesticides, TTHM, sodium chloride, and volatile organic contaminants (VOC).   

Level 2: Premium Catalytic Carbon  

Premium, high activated carbon reduces remaining chlorine and chloramines, removing taste and odor, and giving long-lasting fresh water. This media filters a wide range of PH levels and adds a final polish to the filtered water.  

Level 3: Katalox Light  

A lightweight media that removes iron, lead, manganese, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals. Also filters out particles as small as 3 microns and saves on backwash water. 

Level 4: High-Density Garnet Media  

High hardness, high-density filter media, effectively filters and provides a high quality  support bed for this system.  

Level 5: lonX Core Chamber  

NSF-approved magnetic water conditioner prevents limescale build-up and treats corrosion without chemicals making it eco-friendly. 

The Elite Plus Conditioner water filtration is ideal for whole-house conditioning and softening.

  • Greater surface area, more effective than granular media
  • Less backwashing prevents less waste water
  • Reduces pressure drop up to 50%
  • Prevents channeling and plugging versus granular media
  • Improves efficacy and efficiency
  • Creates greater contact time
  • NSF/ANSI approved

Reticulated KDF 55 Media Cubes  

Designed for removing and reducing chlorine, bacteria, and soluble heavy metals. This media also helps control scale and algae, even in hot water applications, without the issues of packing and channeling like common granular KDF.   

SNRF-CC Modified Catalytic Carbon  

A modified catalytic carbon that has the ability to absorb the entire chloramine molecule at once, without the need to break the ammonia/chlorine bond first,  while also reducing soluble lead. This creates a higher capacity and greater flow rate than traditional catalytic.  

 10% Crosslink Resin  

This resin has more intersections or strands "crosslinking" holding the beads together better than standard 8% resin.  This allows the resin bead to have greater strength and therefore a longer lifespan, sometimes double, than that of standard resin, especially when softening chlorinated water.

The Elite Iron Buster utilizes a Bluetooth valve and offers some of the most flexible functions and monitoring available.  

Compressed Air Pocket  

  • As the water passes through the air pocket, iron and sulfur are oxidized and dissolved oxygen is added to the water.  
  • The filter media bed then removes iron and sulfur from the water.  

Katalox Light 

A lightweight media that removes iron, lead, manganese, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals. Also filters out particles as small as 3 microns and saves on backwash water.  

High-Density Garnet Media  

High hardness, high-density filter media,  effectively filters and provides a high-quality media bed for this system

The Echo H2® Server is designed for those who already have a home filtration or a reverse osmosis system but would like to enjoy all the benefits that hydrogen-enriched water has to offer.


    Good health is something we are all searching for. Whether you’re new to healthy living or want to maintain your good health, there are hundreds of different solutions to help you reach your goals, but many say that you need to begin with a healthier diet.

    Such a transition can lead to investigating specialty foods, supplements, vitamins, meal replacements, meal enhancements, pH water, purified water, energized water, structured water, and more in order to reach your goals. In no time, you’re spending hundreds of dollars a month on diet plans, trainers at the gym, and products — all of which may or may not help you reach your goal to live healthier. 

    What’s So Special About Molecular Hydrogen?
    Most antioxidants are electron donors, meaning they give one of their unpaired electrons to free radicals or oxidants. As a result, antioxidants neutralize oxidants and free radicals, preventing cellular damage. However, molecular hydrogen is a smart antioxidant. This means that it can specifically target reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are highly reactive free radicals that can cause cellular death and oxidative stress. Not only that, but molecular hydrogen also specifically targets hydroxyl radicals, which are the most toxic to cells and for which your body does not have a natural defense.

    While oxidation is natural, most of us have more free radicals than antioxidants, resulting in an abundance of harmful free radicals and ROS. This increase in free radicals increases inflammation and contributes to the development of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more.

    Hydrogen-Enriched Water Can Boost Your Health
    Because it contains molecular hydrogen, hydrogen-enriched water provides your body with the smart antioxidants it needs to help restore health.

    Molecular hydrogen can also help reduce signs of aging, improve memory and brain function, increase energy, boost mitochondrial function, and boost your immune system by repairing leaky gut syndrome, a condition in which small gaps in the intestinal wall allow harmful bacteria to leak into your bloodstream.

    We understand if you are skeptical about something that claims to offer so many benefits simply by drinking water. However, the thing that sets hydrogen-enriched water apart is that its benefits are proven in over 1,000 scientific studies over a two-century span. The benefits of molecular hydrogen are nothing new; they’re just starting to become more well-known.

    So, if you’re tired of searching for a simple solution to improved health, look no further than hydrogen-enriched water!

  • Graphic of Echo H2 Server - Hydrogen water generator

    The Echo H2® Server is everything you love about a hydrogen water generator, but with a sleek design that allows it to fit in the smallest of cupboard spaces. The Echo H2® Server is designed to install underneath the counter and attach to your kitchen sink. This filterless unit is perfect for those who already have a pre-existing reverse osmosis or other whole-house filtration system. The Echo H2® Server is also the only Echo Water® Machine that can connect to your fridge and your countertop faucet at the same time.
    The Echo H2® Server comes with the proprietary Echo Hydrogen Module™, providing you and your family with the best hydrogen-enriched water available without changing your water’s pH. The Echo H2® Server also has an internal pump to ensure that you always have 1.3 liters of water pumping out per minute.
    The Echo H2® Server hydrogen water generator produces pure water with 1.5 ppm of hydrogen gas and gives your water an ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) of -400 to -500mV.* This electrical potential helps stimulate healthy bacteria growth in the gut, thus boosting your immune function.

    Easy to Install, Easy to Use

    The Echo H2® Server requires prefiltration via a pre-existing whole-house filtration or RO system.
    As an under-the-sink unit, the Echo H2® Server must also connect to a faucet.** That faucet can be either an Echo RO/Server Faucet™ or a pre-existing reverse osmosis faucet. 


  • The creation of the Echo Water® Machines began with the discovery that adding molecular hydrogen to water, not changing the water’s pH level, is what helps many people experience life-changing health benefits. As more and more research became available about the powerful health and antioxidant benefits of molecular hydrogen, we wanted to make it possible for anyone and everyone to experience these benefits for themselves.

    Echo Water® Machines, we discovered that many people wanted to enjoy the benefits of hydrogen-enriched water but already had a pre-existing filtration system in their home. The Echo H2® Server hydrogen water generator was designed specifically for those who have an RO or whole-house filtration system. Because the Echo H2® Server does not have an internal filter, those with a pre-existing filtration system do not need to worry about the maintenance of replacing filters.
    The Echo H2® Server produces hydrogen-enriched water that is:

    • Gluten-free
    • Dairy-free
    • Peanut- and tree nut-free
    • Allergen-free
    • Free of additives
    • GMO-free
    • BPA-free
    • Free of preservatives
    • Sugar-free
    • Free of artificial sweeteners
    • Fat-free
    • Zero calorie
    • Free of artificial flavors
    • Caffeine-free
    • Hormone-free
    • Antibiotic-free
    • MSG-free
    • Ketogenic
    • Vegan