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  • Qi Shield (EMF blocker) on table by man using laptop

    With increasing digitization comes an increasing number of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). From cellphones, laptops, and tablets to televisions, Bluetooth® headphones, and the Google Home™ or Alexa™ on your countertop, many of us use several digital devices a day. Although these devices have given us many advantages, we may not realize the negative effects they are having on our health.

    We are constantly being surrounded by varying ways to achieve good, long-term health, but for some, this goal may consistently seem just out of reach. You are eating well, staying hydrated, exercising consistently, and striving to get enough sleep. Despite these efforts, however, you still may not feel like you are reaching your optimal health. If this sounds like you, then you may be dealing with what’s known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity presents as insomnia, frequent headaches, an inability to concentrate, tingling on the skin, and daily fatigue. Some may misdiagnose this condition and may resort to pain relievers, melatonin, energy drinks, or coffee, and before you know it, your health begins to decline even more — all without solving the original issues.

    Protect Yourself From Harmful EMFs
    Stop spending time and money on products that mask the symptoms instead of treating the root cause. To treat the root cause, the solution you need is a Qi Device™. Qi Devices™ work by reducing your electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, which in turn reduces the symptoms of EMF hypersensitivity. By targeting EMFs directly, Qi Devices™ can help bring the life-changing results you’re looking for to achieve optimal health.

    Electric and magnetic fields are essentially energy waves that release a low level of radiation. Because we are constantly surrounded by electronic devices, we are constantly being exposed to EMFs. While some people may not notice any effects from EMF exposure, studies show that a significant number of people experience a variety of symptoms that disrupt their quality of life. Even if your symptoms are not as severe as others, you may be affected by EMFs more than you realize.

    How the Qi Devices™ Work
    To help reduce your exposure to EMF radiation, each Qi Device™ contains several vials of the proprietary Qi Solution™.* The Qi Solution™ depolarizes and reduces EMF exposure, creating a field of protection that acts as a barrier between you and EMF waves. The free electrons generated by Qi Devices™ depolarize the electromagnetic frequencies before they enter your body. By depolarizing the EMFs, Qi Devices™ make them biologically safe and help reduce the symptoms of EMF hypersensitivity.

    Qi Devices™ are the only devices proven to reduce EMF exposure and make it biologically safe when tested across frequencies that represent 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G wavelengths. That means that Qi Devices™ can protect you from anything that emits EMFs, including the cellphone towers down the block, the smart appliances that fill your home, your Wi-Fi router, or the Bluetooth® headphones you wear.

    As Qi Devices™ work to reduce your EMF exposure, they do so without interfering with your Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. This means that you can continue to use your electronic devices as you normally would but without the harmful side effects. With the option to protect yourself at home, at the office, and on the go, Qi Devices™ provide a safer environment for your entire family.

  • Qi Shield in box - EMF protection device

    The Qi Shield™ is the ultimate EMF protection device! With advanced Waveguard Technology, the Qi Shield™ and other Qi Devices™ contain the only EMF protection technology that has been scientifically proven through studies to completely protect you from EMF radiation.

    Constant and Complete EMF Protection
    The Qi Shield™ creates a protective area with a radius of 8 feet (16 x 16 feet) horizontally, and 6 feet up and 6 feet down. The Qi Shield™ EMF blocker works to depolarize radiation from EMF-emitting devices, such as cellphones, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, and cell towers, all without interfering with your cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. By depolarizing the radiation, the Qi Shield™ protects you from the negative side effects you may experience from EMF exposure. As a result, you can experience better sleep, more energy, less frequent and less intense headaches, and more. The Qi Shield™ can also help protect against tissue damage caused by prolonged exposure to EMF radiation.

    The Qi Shield™ functions on natural laws and does not require any power to be “on.” It generates its own electricity and maintains the field of protection around you, whether you are sleeping with it next to your bed or running errands around town.

    How It Works
    The Waveguard Technology used in Qi Devices™ depolarizes EMF radiation around you, ultimately reducing your exposure and the side effects you may experience as a result. This technology is unique to Qi Devices™. Other brands try to harmonize with EMF waves instead of reducing them. Qi Devices™ have been shown in both technical and biological studies to effectively reduce both EMF exposure and its side effects. Those who use Qi Devices™ have reported a reduction in EMF hypersensitivity, namely a reduction in symptoms such as frequent headaches, impaired sleep, and lack of concentration. Over time, we have shown through studies that Qi Devices™ can help support proper wound healing and reduce the negative effects of EMF exposure.

    Portable Size
    The Qi Shield™ is a small, portable device that is roughly the size of a Bluetooth® speaker. It is designed to protect small areas, such as bedrooms, single office rooms, small apartments, and vehicles. You can even take this EMF blocker with you on the airplane when you travel! With this small device, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected from harmful and damaging EMFs no matter where you are!

    Product Lifetime
    The Qi Shield™ was designed to work at full efficiency for eight years with minimal maintenance.** The Qi Solution™ in your device is activated prior to shipping. This means that the lifespan of your Qi Device™ begins approximately four weeks prior to you receiving it.

  • Qi Shield (EMF blocker) on countertop

    At AMANDA BOBBET, we want to give you the health advantages you need to live your best life. To do that, we are committed to providing you and your family with a variety of products to empower you to live your healthiest life. This mission is what started the creation of our Qi Devices™.

    The discovery of the harmful effects of EMF exposure is still fairly recent, but when we learned just how often we are exposed to EMF radiation and the negative effects it can have on your health, we knew we needed to do something. After careful research, we knew that Qi Devices™ were exactly what our customers needed. With advanced Waveguard Technology, Qi Devices™ are the only scientifically proven products to depolarize EMF wavelengths and reduce the harmful effects of EMF exposure.

    Because EMFs are everywhere, we wanted to create a way for you to be protected while on the go. Most of us live busy, active lifestyles that take us away from our homes or workplaces. As a result, you can be exposed to EMF radiation not only from your own devices but from the devices of others.

    That’s why we created the Qi Shield™. This portable EMF blocker is about the size of a Bluetooth® speaker, making it easy for you to go about your daily life while remaining protected from EMFs no matter where you are. Take the Qi Shield™ with you to work, on vacation, in the car, or around the house to keep you protected anywhere and everywhere.

    *The vials of Qi Solution™ inside each Qi Device™ are fragile. Please take care not to drop the Qi Device™, as this could break the vials and the device.

    **Although the Qi Shield™ is designed to reduce harmful EMF radiation from all current EMF emitters, its full-efficiency lifespan may be reduced to as little as five years when under constant strain from a large EMF-emitting structure nearby, such as a 5G tower or power plant.