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  • Graphic of Synergy Sauna - portable infrared sauna

    When it comes to living a healthy life, most of us know the basics: eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and reduce stress. But one thing we may not think about enough is flushing out all of the toxins that our bodies absorb on a daily basis. While we may not be able to see these toxins or recognize their immediate effects, they can wreak havoc on our health.

    Toxins enter our bodies in so many ways: pesticides sprayed on your foods, chemicals in your cookware, heavy metals in your fish, aluminum in your deodorant, exhaust and pollution in the air you breathe — the list goes on. But getting rid of these toxins can end up being a more expensive and frustrating endeavor than you anticipate. Juice cleanses and fasting leave you craving more. Dry skin brushing or foot soaks may feel great, but it can be difficult to determine just how effective they are.

    A Better Way to Detox
    It’s time to stop spending time and money on products that either don’t work or only give you temporary benefits. If you are looking to rid your body of the toxins inside and live a healthier life, you need infrared sauna therapy. Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on regular spa visits? The Synergy Sauna™ is a portable, in-home infrared sauna that makes it easy for you to enjoy the detoxifying benefits of the sauna without emptying your wallet.

    Infrared saunas use long wavelengths of light to heat your body. Because your body can easily absorb these wavelengths, your core temperature can increase more quickly than it can in other types of saunas, and it can do so without needing the sauna to reach uncomfortable temperatures. The Synergy Sauna™ also uses full-spectrum infrared light, which means that it emits near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths. All three types of infrared light that the Synergy Sauna™ emits penetrate deeper into the body and allow you to enjoy the full benefits of infrared therapy.

    Providing Everyday Health Benefits
    Because it’s a portable infrared sauna, you can set up the Synergy Sauna™ right in your home whenever you want a therapeutic, detoxifying sauna treatment. In as little as 10 minutes, you can sweat as much as you would during a 30-minute jog, all while ridding your body of harmful toxins, decreasing muscle and joint stiffness, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, increasing blood flow, supporting natural wound healing, improving your complexion, and so much more. In short, the Synergy Sauna™ can be the at-home solution to so many of your health concerns.

    If you’re ready to take your health to the next level, then you’re ready for the Synergy Sauna™! This portable, affordable, in-home sauna is perfect for giving your body the support it needs to live healthy every day.

  • Graphic of man holding the Synergy Sauna - portable infrared sauna

    Enjoy detoxification anywhere you go with the Synergy Sauna™! Not only is the Synergy Sauna™ one of the most affordable saunas in the market but it is also among the select few that are easy to operate and truly portable.

    Full-Spectrum Sauna for Full Detox Therapy
    The Synergy Sauna™ uses full-spectrum infrared (FIR) rays between 7 and 14 micrometers to generate detoxifying therapeutic heat. Detoxification through the use of infrared can eliminate heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins from your body.

    The Synergy Sauna™ ranges from 113°F to 140°F, typically reaching 140°F within five minutes. The high-heat efficiency promotes blood circulation, healthy weight loss, healthy skin, and more. It also helps to keep your body healthy and encourages more perspiration than any conventional workout. A conventional sauna is simply designed to heat your environment and subject you to the atmosphere it creates; however, a FIR sauna does much more. FIR affects your skin and body directly; by doing so, the sauna provides greater benefits, such as releasing the heavy metal toxins that reside within the body.

    Unlike a high-temperature sauna that cleans out your pores but requires you to replace fluids and electrolytes lost from your body, our portable infrared sauna’s temperature range results in more fat-laden sweat secretion and the loss of fewer electrolytes. At lower temperatures, the sweat from an infrared sauna session is composed of up to 20% toxins, compared to only 3% produced in a high-temperature steam sauna. This is the main reason the infrared sauna is the better sauna for detox purposes.

    Choose Between Two Modes
    The Synergy Sauna™ has two different modes that you can choose from: Therapy Mode and Sauna Mode. In Therapy Mode, the three heating panels in your sauna will turn on and off during your session. This creates a fluctuation in the sauna’s overall temperature and is best for lower temperature infrared therapy. Sauna Mode allows you to choose and adjust the temperature of your sauna as desired. Once a temperature is selected, the sauna will remain at that temperature for the duration of your session. Having sauna sessions at different temperatures will allow you to sweat out different toxins.

    Different Settings
    The Synergy Sauna™ includes two unique features: ozone cleaning and negative ion therapy. Both of these typically make a sauna more expensive, but the Synergy Sauna™ remains affordable.

    The ozone cleaning setting in the Synergy Sauna™ is designed to keep the inside of your sauna free of bacteria. Do not use this feature during your sauna session; instead, run the ozone cleaning setting after your sauna session to help remove any bacteria and keep your sauna clean.

    All infrared saunas produce EMFs; however, the Synergy Sauna™ emits an extremely low amount of EMFs during your session. If you wish to create an environment that can further protect you from any potential EMF exposure, we recommend that you turn on the negative ion setting during your session. This setting releases negative ions into the air to help protect you against EMF exposure even more.

    Ultra-Low EMF Exposure
    With the Synergy Sauna™, you will experience all the benefits of full-spectrum infrared therapy while also protecting yourself from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and extremely low frequencies (ELFs), also known as electric fields. The sauna uses carbon heating panels that are ultra low in EMFs (less than 1 mG) and ELF (between 150mV to 200mV). This reading is so low that you will be exposed to virtually no EMFs or ELFs as you enjoy your sauna session.

    Tourmaline and Jade Gemstones
    Our portable infrared sauna also uses tourmaline gemstones in the heating panels to provide faster and deeper penetrating infrared. The foot heating pad contains jade gemstones. Using these gemstones in the heating panels can help your body temperature quickly rise high enough to sweat while also enhancing your relaxation and breaking down contaminants in the air.

    Portable and Easy to Use
    The Synergy Sauna™ makes it easy to experience the benefits of infrared sauna therapy anywhere, any time. It weighs only 24.15 pounds and can fold down flat for easy storage or portability; however, its sleek design compliments any home if you choose to leave it up.

    The Synergy Sauna™ includes a chair that is made up of Oxford cloth fabric. The warp of the fabric is made of 200D nylon air-change yarn, and the weft, or weave, of the chair is made of 160D nylon air-change yarn. The chair is a plain-weave structure that is woven by a water jet. After dyeing the fabric and completing the finishing and coating processes, the gray fabric of the chair is soft to the touch, provides a strong drape, and is waterproof.

    To use your Synergy Sauna™, simply use the provided handheld remote to select your settings or temperature. You can also turn on the negative ion therapy during your session, or the ozone setting for cleaning, by pressing the appropriate side of the center oval of the generator. The generator sits along the bottom of the back panel bottom, to the right.

    If you wish to use your hands during your sauna session, there are openings for you to put your arms outside of the sauna. The Synergy Sauna™ also includes three removable, absorbent, and machine-washable neck collars. This allows you to provide a clean and sanitary environment between people and each sauna use.


    At Synergy Science™, we want to give you the health advantages you need to live your best life. To do that, we are committed to providing you and your family with a variety of products to empower you to live your healthiest life.

    A great way to support your health and help fight against illness is sauna therapy. However, visiting a spa can become expensive. Not only that, but many traditional saunas use extremely high temperatures that cause you to lose more electrolytes and do not maximize the possible benefits. When it comes to sauna therapy, hotter is not always better.

    With the Synergy Sauna™, we wanted to provide you with an easy and convenient way to experience the benefits of infrared sauna treatment, a method of sauna therapy that has been shown to penetrate deeper into your body and provide greater benefits in shorter sessions. Because we know that many of our customers lead busy lives, it was important for the Synergy Sauna™ to be lightweight, easy to use, and portable. As a result, you can enjoy a 15- to 60-minute session any time and take your sauna with you when you travel.