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Affiliate Getting Started pack




Did you know that millions of people every year are effected by water born pathogens and the effects of water that is not safe to drink?  We have a Global epidemic not only with our drinking water but with the effects of plastic and the bottled water on our own bodies.  There is no water police making sure our water is free of the 60,000 chemicals that are known to cause cancer. 

Not only do we provide water solutions we also provide solutions to our every day living conditions that we cannot control like our air quality, in fact our home is the most toxic environment and we are living in it for the majority of the time.    

This is why we want you to help in our mission to free people from Physical and Financial pain while proving solutions for every household across the globe to enjoy a healthy environment to call home. 

Because we are passionate about helping people we want you to WIN because we know if we help you to help others we can impact more families with every aspect of their health.  


Benefits when becoming an affiliate:

Support 7 days a week

Two weekly live meetings  to answer any questions you may have

Customized Marketing Material, brochures  , flyers, customized landing pages,  

Private Facebook Community 

20 Water Bags to share water

Demo Flip Book to Showcase our Products

Custom landing pages with your own links to insure simple check out for your customers and easy tracking.

Affiliate App- with sales tracking and affiliate recourses and links

The Best Hydrogen Water CRM program and APP

Our CRM is the Glue to our program some of the benefits include: 

Funnel and Landing Page Builder

Marketing Automation

Reputation Management

Reporting & Analytics

Email Management

CRM and Pipeline Management

Booking and Online Appointment Tool

Text Message Marketing

Membership Sites

Mobile app


Digital Sales Program:

Laptop Lifestyle- Great for online organic sales teaching all of the skills needed to take your brand online. This Program sells by itself for $997.00 and has been featured   on CNN,NBC, and FOX NEWS.

Hydrogen University Sales Course:

We Want you to be educated on all of our products as we know the more knowledge you have the more you can communicate with others.   



High Performance Club (Mind Set Course) Sells for $997.00

When it comes to results and achieving your goals it all comes down to your mindset! I will teach how to set and achieve any goal. 


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