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Elite Plus Conditioner - Premium Water Filtration


The Elite Plus Conditioner premium water filtration is ideal for whole house conditioning and softening.


  • Greater surface area, more effective than granular media
  • Less backwashing preventing less waste water
  • Reduces pressure drop up to 50%
  • Prevents channeling and plugging versus granular media
  • Improves efficacy and efficiency
  • Creates greater contact time
  • NSF/ANSI approved


Reticulated KDF 55 Media Cubes  

Designed for removing and reducing  chlorine, bacteria, and soluble heavy  metals. This media also helps control  scale and algae, even in hot water applications, without the issues of packing and channeling like common  granular KDF.   


SNRF-CC Modified Catalytic Carbon  

A modified catalytic carbon that has the  ability to absorb the entire chloramine  molecule at once, without the need to  break the ammonia/chlorine bond first,  while also reducing soluble lead. This  creates a higher capacity and greater  flow rate than traditional catalytics.  


10% Crosslink Resin  

This resin has more intersections or  strands "crosslinking" holding the beads together better than standard 8% resin.  This allows the resin bead to have  greater strength and therefore a longer  lifespan, sometimes double, than that of  standard resin, especially when  softening chlorinated water.