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H2 Blue Hydrogen Test Drops


H2Blue eco formula (non-ethanol solvent) is a reagent which can be used to measure the concentration of dissolved H2 gas (mg/L-ppm) in hydrogen-rich water.

When the drops are placed into water containing dissolved molecular hydrogen, the blue drops turn clear.

One 10mL bottle contains approximately 325 drops (total number of tests will vary depending on average H2 concentration). 

Comes with a graduated beaker/storage container and stir wand.

  • Easy to use test drops for measuring the Hydrogen concentrates dissolved under its own pressure into a water state.
  • Each drop represents 0.10 PPM (100 PPB) of Hydrogen gas dissolved under pressure into a water state using a 6 ml sample of water in the plastic beaker included.
  • Best way to test how efficient your Hydrogen Water Machine dissolves the H2 into a concentrate in water. Not intended to measure H2 in water that is not dissolved under its own pressure. Hydrogen concentrates are measured by calculating in PPM measurements. .Contains approximately 400 drops and good for 25 to 40 tests depending on levels achieved.