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How HealthWay stacks up against HEPA. 

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is a standard for air filtration set by the U.S. government. This is generally seen as an acceptable measurement for whether indoor air is good or bad. We couldn’t disagree more. HEPA standards are simply not good enough to meet the demands of a health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

HEPA filters are not 100% effective for particles up to .3 micron – which the American  Lung Association qualifies as “coarse particles.” Our technology is more efficient at  destroying 99.99% of pollutants at .007 micron. Making HealthWay the most efficient  air purifier available– and the only one proven to trap and eliminate COVID-19  particles. 

HEPA: 99.97% efficient at .3 micron 

HealthWay DFS: 100% efficient at .007 micron  

HEPA: Ineffective at COVID-19 particle removal 

HealthWay DFS: 99% effective at COVID-19 particle removal 

HEPA: No microorganism destruction 

9-STAGE DFS AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMIndoor air pollution comes in all shapes and sizes. And HealthWay has developed a line of purifiers to address  them all – featuring our patented DFS Technology, which boasts 99.99% filtration efficiency down to 0.007 microns. 

HW Compact ( protects up to 500 sq/ft )  

Designed for home or small office use, this compact air purifier packs the same powerful punch as our larger models.  It uses the same advanced, patented DFS Technology that makes HealthWay the world leader in indoor air. The simple,  stylish design complements any bedroom or small living space decor.  

HW Deluxe ( protects up to 1200 sq/ft )  

The newly updated HealthWay Deluxe is the ultimate in air purification systems for cleaning airborne  

particles, microorganisms and gases for a healthier indoor environment. Larger than our compact model  

yet light, portable and sleekly designed, this revolutionary machine will give you a 90% cleaner.

FEATURES https://youtu.be/OKzdDjIam0o

  • Newly designed ultra efficient EC motor with Turbo setting. 
  • Our technology is effective at capturing 40x smaller size ultrafine particles  than HEPA, efficiently removing 99.99% of particulates @ 0.007 micron.  Making HealthWay the most efficient air purifier available. 
  • 9-stage VOC adsorption filter for heavy removal of harmful airbourne microorganisms, chemicals, offensive gases odors and smoke. 
  • Less dust and dander, pollen, dust mite waste, bacteria, mold, fungi and virus protection 
  • This revolutionary technology reduces bioburden and inhibits microorganism  growth through Microbiostasis condition machine is independently tested  and certified to guarantee better than