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The Best Hydrogen Water Cooler


Hydrogen gas has so many benefits. In fact, Hydrogen Gas has been proven in over 2,000 studies to have a therapeutic benefit to ALL and is safe in any amount. In fact, Hydrogen Gas is so powerful because it is the smallest molecule and acts as an antioxidant in fighting aging and free radical damage.  Free Radicals are linked to nearly every disease process. 



The Best Hydrogen Water Cooler is the USA'S first ever USA-made cooler that makes fresh on-demand hot & cold hydrogen water.

The Best Hydrogen Water Cooler not only has a built-in filter that comes standard with every unit but it is also capable of making a large amount of therapeutic hydrogen gas up to 2500ppb for the cold setting. You will also notice the low to no maintenance only a new filter every 6 to 12 months depending on usage.


Additional Facts & Benefits

No more buying bottled 5 Gallon water containers for traditional water coolers

Makes Hydrogen on Demand up to 2500PPB

Provides filtered Hydrogen Hot & Cold Water

NO to Low maintenance (no cleaning)

Filter replacement every 6-12 months

USA Made

Perfect for any home or office setting Rental available for local Tri-Cities Washington Community