Amanda is a go-getter who knows how to get things done. Despite taking massive action, I consistently see her giving time to those who are around her and she always wants to help.

Andrew Webster

Amanda is very genuine and a TRUE LEADER, who possesses a pure heart of helping others! My words do not do justice in describing this SPECIAL & AWESOME woman. Her wisdom on her field of expertise is “PRICELESS”! Contact her, DO NOT DELAY, a healthier life and a great friend AWAITS ALL who reach out to her.

George Hurst

Amanda has an impressive success story and produces great content online that inspires others to get out of their comfort zone so they can experience success as she has!

J. Ryan Conley

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Have you ever wondered why the US is one of the sickest countries but yet we spend over 2.7 trillion dollars a year in health related costs as a country? Or why we as a population are also one of the most obese countries in the world? Not only are we one of the sickest and our healthcare one of the highest costing, but we are also completely unaware why this is happening.

When we were growing up we never had a study guide that taught us how to live a healthy life.

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Health and Business Coaching Programs

Welcome to the Amanda Bobbett Store!

Amanda Bobbett is the owner and creator of the Amanda Bobbett Store, which offers a wide selection of products as well as health and business coaching programs. Having been on her own health and wellness journey to being happy, healthy, and free from pain for over 10 years, she found a solution that turned her own health around through nutrition and lifestyle changes, and it quickly became a life’s mission to help others do the same. We stock only the products that Amanda herself knows and loves. The Amanda Bobbett Store has ionized water products, health products, and even success training and coaching opportunities from Amanda herself. With the health and business coaching program, Amanda has been able to build a full-time career online doing what she loves which is training future coaches on how to be successful in the Kangen Water business. Learn the full story on the About Me page or shop all the products below today!